I.T. Assistant

Montebello, CA

JBR Automotive Group is seeking an I.T. Assistant to support the I.T. Department and the 3 Car Dealerships located in Montebello, Covina and Puente Hills. 

Position Overview:

· Responsible for providing technical assistance and support related to computer systems, hardware, or software, learning the Core programs used at each Dealership and isolate any problem that may arise and determine and implement a solution with the assistance of the I.T. Support Dept.

· Ensure they are running smoothly for all users and report any issues to I.T. Support Dept immediately.

· Able to set up peripherals – desktop/laptop, monitor, phone extension, printer, scanner, router, smart devices as needed.

· Work in conjunction with I.T. Dept. to repair and troubleshoot network, hardware, software, and I.T. equipment at any of the 3 locations as needed on a timely basis to keep the Employee/Dept operating during business hours.

· Protect sensitive dealership information, passwords and any customer information in any programs displayed or printed with the highest degree of integrity and confidentiality.


· Experience in I.T. or computer software – OFFICE & WINDOWS Operating systems.

· Outstanding time management, organization, and problem-solving skills.

· Ability to work with the management of each dealership and I.T. Support Dept.

· Ability to follow directions from I.T. Support for assignments/tasks issued.

· Positive attitude and able to travel to all 3 Dealership locations.


• $15/ hr. salary  - 5 day work week which may include weekends

• Health insurance (medical, dental, vision) & 401(k)

• Paid holidays & annual vacations available.